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Windows 10 receives its greatest support with the official Messenger, Facebook and Instagram apps

Windows 10 receives its greatest support with the official Messenger, Facebook and Instagram apps

Windows 10 receives its greatest support with the official Messenger, Facebook and Instagram apps

Today the expected launch of the new Facebook apps for Windows 10 has taken place.

If anything Microsoft wanted to make clear when they introduced Windows 10, it was that the walls had fallen. Thanks to universal apps, Windows is a unique platform and you can create apps that work on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Almost a year has passed since then, and the market for Windows apps has improved a little, but not too much. Many important services are not present, or are with an old app. Today the Microsoft platform has just received a very important accolade from Facebook, with the presentation of three official apps.

Facebook for Windows 10

For starters, the official Facebook app has been completely renewed; In the App Store there was already an official app, but it was very incomplete and had not been updated for a long time.

Instead, the new version brings many of the functionalities that had been available on the web for some time, like reactions or stickers. The app is not only much prettier, faster, and easier to use, but also includes features that take advantage of new features in Windows 10.

The app uses Live Tiles to show information about our reception that our contributions have had; for example, can show how many people have liked our last post, all this directly from the start menu and without having to open the app.

The app also supports Windows notifications, and we can share photos directly from the file explorer.

Messenger for Windows 10

Messenger is the part of Facebook that is growing the most, and therefore it is logical that it has its own independent app. In this way, we finally have a suitable Facebook Messenger app for the desktop, which goes beyond offering the web version.

In addition to stickers, animated gifs, and group conversations, this app supports Windows 10 notifications, and with Live Tiles we will be able to see the new messages that have arrived.

Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile

The last app presented is Instagram, but only for mobile phones; according to Facebook, They wanted to focus on bringing basic Instagram functionality to mobile users as soon as possible.. So the app includes Direct (messaging), video support, and the ability to find new content with Explore.

The importance of new Facebook apps for Windows 10

All three apps will be available throughout the day in the Windows Store for each platform. In the case of the new Facebook app, we will recognize it because the icon has changed.

This is possibly the most important launch since Microsoft introduced the universal apps. Not only is Facebook the most popular social network on the planet, it is also the one behind continuously growing apps like Messenger and Instagram.

The Windows app store may still have a long way to go, but without the support of the largest, such as Facebook, its continuity was impossible. That yes, it is early to say if these apps will attract more users, and therefore more developers.