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Windows 10 Cloud minimum requirements revealed

Windows 10 Cloud minimum requirements revealed

Windows 10 Cloud minimum requirements revealed

Microsoft is finalizing the details of Windows 10 Cloud, their new lightweight operating system with which they will each plant Google’s ChromeOS.

The PC market is growing slightly again and part of the blame lies with Chromebooks, cheap and optimized laptops for Chrome OS who play a very prominent role in the education sector.

In recent weeks the rumors of Windows 10 Cloud have increased, the version of the OS that will reach the calls Cloudbooks, laptops with the same philosophy as Chromebooks. The minimum specifications that they should have have now been filtered.

Minimum Specifications for Windows 10 Cloud

Windows Central have had access to internal Microsoft documents in which we can see how Windows 10 Cloud in Cloudbooks compared to Chromebook computers.

windows 10 cloud requirements

Thus, the different manufacturers that launch their Cloudbooks to the market that are expected to be many will have as a recommendation these Windows 10 Cloud minimum requirements:

  • QuadCore processors (Celeron or higher)
  • Minimum 4GB of RAM
  • 32GB of storage or 64GB for the 64bit version.
  • EMMC or SSD quick memories
  • Batteries over 40Wh
  • And possibility of supporting touch screens and stylus

As we see in the table, in performance tests Windows 10 Cloud expects to exceed 10 hours of autonomy (all day), be oriented to most students and will have a very quick activation in less than 20 seconds.

As we already know, Windows 10 Cloud would be a simplified version of W10 that would not need as many resources to move freely, performing office tasks, navigation and, above all, focusing on universal windows apps.

Now your eyes are on the key date of May 2, given that Microsoft has scheduled an event in New York and is expected to be where the company shows its latest news.