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Windows 10 Cloud is filtered and you can now download it: Microsoft is going for ChromeOS

Windows 10 Cloud is filtered and you can now download it: Microsoft is going for ChromeOS

Windows 10 Cloud is filtered and you can now download it: Microsoft is going for ChromeOS

In the absence of official confirmation, Windows 10 CloudThe Redy is filtered and you can try it, if you feel like it.

From Microsoft they are working hard on what will be the next big update of Windows 10, which will be known as Creators Update and to arrive in a few weeks full of news. However, chances are good that this is not the only new development for Redmond.

Just a few days ago, tracks appeared on a new version of the operating system called Windows 10 Cloud and now you can download it unofficially.

A user has posted on Twitter the download link to a Windows 10 Cloud ISO image (corresponding to build 15025), so any brave can install it on their PC and check what is new, but before doing so read on.

You can now download a previous version of Windows 10 Cloud

As we said a few days ago, Windows 10 Cloud would be the bet of Microsoft to combat ChromeOS. Google has hit the mark to offer cheap computers like Chromebooks with a super light operating system that does not require great specifications to offer a great user experience and exploiting the great product it has as a web browser: Chrome.

Millions of users base their use of the computer on web browsing, online services and cloud storage and that is what Chrome OS offers, with its advantages and limitations, but it works for them. Thus, Microsoft does not want to miss the opportunity to counterattack and that is the mission of Windows 10 Cloud. Here you can see a video of a user who has already tried it:

Limiting the Windows 10 Cloud experience

If you know Windows 10, you may have noticed that there are no major changes in this Cloud edition. Everything seems to indicate that Windows 10 Cloud will be a lighter, simpler and more limited system, in which the protagonists will be the applications of the official Windows store and nothing else.

Microsoft, just like it does Chrome OS, wants to base the experience in a controlled environment, with adapted applications that simply work. And the users who want to install complete and traditional programs? That’s what Windows 10 versions are for.

This Cloud version will focus primarily on gaining ground with more affordable devices, laptops, tablets, and convertibles. In any case, we still have to wait until it is official and we know everything it offers. The download link to Windows 10 Cloud can be found here, but we do not recommend installing it unless you want to experience it because it is a version in development and therefore errors and failures can still arise even to be polished.