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Wikipedia launches drafts for article editing


Wikipedia articles are dynamic content that is updated and improved over time by publishers, thus fulfilling Wikipedia’s goal of being the most complete and reliable work in each language.

Even so, there are publishers, both veteran and new, who need to have the time to create articles in accordance with the quality requirements of the platform itself, so in this line, Wikipedia itself has recently announced to add the new option of erasers.

With this, it intends that the editors can take the time they need and receive the necessary feedback from other editors to carry out their own articles, thus avoiding that the changes made are reflected directly to the public.

According to the advertisement itself, the articles in drafts will not appear in the predetermined searches nor will they be indexed by the search engines, although they will be accessible through the advanced searches. Wikipedia estimates that about 80% of articles started by new users are removed, and even advanced users use sub-pages of their user profiles as unofficial space projects as drafts, thus avoiding transferring each change made to the public of his articles in development.

Later, new features will be added to the drafts to make them more useful, with new designs that make it easier to request and receive help from other editors, better support for publishing drafts as articles, and encourage collaboration.

At the moment, the drafts function is available to all users, both registered and anonymous, for the English version of Wikipedia.