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Wikimedia launches beta program for us to test its news


From the Wikimedia blog they announce that news is coming, something rare in a platform that is not precisely known for the frequency of its updates.

It is a channel of beta functionalities that we can use to test all the experiments they carry out. We will have available a panel in which we will activate what we want to have, being possible to select several options of new tools and resources.

Among the first beta functionalities we have the following:

– Multimedia viewer: shows the images in a larger size on the pages that have thumbnails. – Visual editor: to edit pages without having to learn the wiki code, with an editor of mathematical formulas that we can include as an extra function. Refresh: Makes text more readable, accessible, and consistent. Scheduled for the first release, on November 14.

To participate in this beta function program, we only have to identify ourselves here and access the panel shown in the figure below.

The idea is not only to test, it is to offer feedback, comment on what we think of each new functionality and participate in the discussion pages, report bugs in Bugzilla and, in general, allow Wikimedia to remain a project for everyone.

They comment that depending on our reaction, they will release the new features on all wikis on November 21 of this year.