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Wideo, to easily create animations, continues to add new features to the service


We introduced Wideo to you at the end of 2012 as a tool to make animations easily and without design or programming knowledge, and recently we saw how after a few months of life it incorporated new functions such as the inclusion of a toolbar with direct access to different categories. as well as improved control of objects or the possibility of downloading videos to the PC. continues to grow and, while remaining free, incorporating new services aimed at improving the user experience, incorporated in this case thanks to the feedback of the user himself. To start, two buttons called In & Out are incorporated into the Wideo timeline that will allow us to have access to different animation options that will be displayed directly from those icons, such as the possibility of moving objects or making a fade.

From now on, we can also, with a simple right click on the image that we are animating, access a drop-down menu with options to copy, paste, move forward or back, or rotate it, among other things. The list of new changes also includes a wide variety of shortcuts to use, such as Ctrl + S to save, Ctrl + z to undo, or Ctrl + Y to redo. We can also preview the animation with Enter and insert text with Ctrl + T, among many others.

Finally, new backgrounds have also been added in the Backgrounds section so that we can personalize the animation to the maximum and new Sketches gallery, with various objects to insert.