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wickeditor, to create animated projects on the Internet

wickeditor is presented as a web project creation platform based on the generation of animation scripts.

The editor, free code, and completely free, allows us, from the web, to import graphic elements (animations in gif format, images, texts with different fonts, etc.) to adjust their position along a line of weather.

In each frame it is possible to add new elements, as well as modify the position of those included in previous frames, similar to how we did it when we created animations in Flash.

It is also possible to program interactions between objects, generating scenarios that look like games, always with the option of exporting the result in HTML format, so that we can use it within our current site.

It has tutorials and demos, as well as links to a development blog in which different examples of its possibilities will be posted, although at the moment they are in beta, so you do not expect to be able to make virgueras as complex games in HTML5, for example, they are animation scripts, little else.

Here is a video example of what we can do with it:

We will be attentive to its evolution, since, being opensource, it is very possible that the development community will grow considerably in the coming months.