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Why you shouldn't install programs to protect privacy in Windows 10

Why you shouldn't install programs to protect privacy in Windows 10

Why you shouldn't install programs to protect privacy in Windows 10

The tools to protect privacy in Windows 10 can generate many more problems than they actually solve.

Since the advent of Windows 10 and its controversial privacy violations, Several tools have appeared to protect privacy in the system like DWSo DisableWinTracking. Under the promise of preventing Windows 10 from waiting for you, they have acquired a relatively high level of popularity.

The problem is that all those programs they don’t do much more than you can do yourself with Windows settings and moreover generate a few system problems.

What do these apps actually do?

tracking lock security

What these tools do to protect privacy is to automatically change the system privacy settings (which is fine), but they also do other things like remove programs that are part of the operating system and block certain server addresses. This leads to a series of problems whose origin is unknown to many users of these applications.

What problems do these tools cause to protect privacy?

These programs have generated many problems because they disable things that should not be disabled. Trying to protect privacy, remove important security settings, the remedy being worse than the disease: they disable Windows Update and Windows Defender.

They have also produced many problems with skype, since they block access to different Microsoft servers, and with the Windows Store. Some of these applications even prevent the installation of large updates such as theAnniversary Update.

The broken promises of these applications

And another major problem with these applications is that they don’t even deliver on everything they promise. There are things that simply cannot be changed, either because they have a reason for being for the user or because of Microsft’s interests.

For example, many of these applications promise to disable Telemetry, when in reality all they do is change the value to 0 (if it is not already there). This does not actually disable Telemetry; the value 0 is simply the default value in the system.

What can I do then?

If you want Windows 10 to respect your privacy the best thing you can do is investigate for yourself, check the system settings well and change what you don’t like. You can even help yourself with some third-party application that orders the privacy settings, but always choosing what you do and knowing what you are really changing.