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Why you should keep your Windows always updated

How to disable automatic updates from the Windows Store

How to disable automatic updates from the Windows Store

There is a feeling that we can update Windows only with the updates that interest us, but this is false and puts us in danger.

Until Windows 8, users and system administrators had the ability to choose which updates to install on the operating system, and what updates to leave aside. This has changed in Windows 10 with mandatory and automatic updates, something that has earned the hatred of users but that makes some sense, even if we don’t think about it in the first place.

Why should I update Windows with all updates, if they give me the option to choose? It is a good question, and we tell you why below.

Because updated Windows is the only Windows for Microsoft


What you have right above it is a slide by Matt Schultz (system administrator) showing the hidden fragmentation of Windows. This fragmentation does not work through versions, as it happens in Android, but it does through the Updates that users selectively install on their system.

Microsoft, and the companies that develop for Windows, take Windows into account with all updates when they are working, and that we install only certain updates can cause problems with these developments. Hence, it is recommended to install all updates, to avoid possible compatibility problems.

For the security of your computer data

Updates are made for two reasons, if we analyze them coldly, and one of the reasons is for security. Many of the system updates are responsible for fixing vulnerabilities or security holes recently discovered, and without those updates we would be exposed to attacks that take advantage of them.

For enjoying the latest improvements

The other reason they are made is add improvements to the operating system: From adding new expected features to classic bug fixes, including classic performance and stability improvements. Having those improvements is also important even if you don’t wait anxiously for the latest changes, so don’t resist the change.