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Why Google Augmented Reality glasses can change the rules of the game

Why Google Augmented Reality glasses can change the rules of the game

After all the fuss published yesterday throughout the Internet, many of you will know the revolution that the Augmented Reality glasses that Google has baptized as Project glass, with which the user can display information in real time simply by placing the device in front of your eyes – similar to, as we discussed recently, the Terminator glasses.

Augmented Reality glasses, a solid metal band that is intended to be placed around the eyes or to be inserted into existing glasses, guide the user in their daily life activities since they have functionalities of geolocation, voice recognition, display of information in real time (time, traffic, prices, maps …), sending messages using voice, image captureetc., although they insist that the video shows more the concept than what the final product itself will be, with which we have very few clues of how they really will be.

Consider that one of the booms What the use of Google glasses will mean, apart from the use of Augmented Reality as information display, will be the full voice control, completely eliminating the need to use your hands on a keyboard or buttons.

Being able to access the information we want from anywhere, using our voice and leaving our hands free to carry out any other activity completely changes the way we have to interact with technology. Both the media that are dedicated to informing and the systems that offer (or may offer) data on current events (weather, offers, hours, etc.) will have to put their batteries in order to be quickly recognized by this type of system. Having API is not a luxury, it is a necessity, something essential for devices like these glasses to access the information we offer.

The laboratory responsible for the project, known as Google X, has published a post on Google Plus in order to collect information for people to collaborate with the project and publish for what purposes they would like to use Project Glass, and as indicated by Babak Parviz , Steve Lee and Sebastian Thrun, Google X employees, we want to learn from people’s ideas so go by following our posts and suggestions. Now it’s our turn: what would you like to see through augmented reality glasses?

We leave you with the video of the prototype:

And with the parody that is already circulating on the web:

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