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Why Facebook has changed the privacy of WhatsApp to know what your account is

Why Facebook has changed the privacy of WhatsApp to know what your account is

Whatsapp cannot give your data to Facebook, if you live in Germany

For the first time in four years, WhatsApp delivers data to Facebook.

Everyone was waiting for this moment, since WhatsApp was bought by Facebook for 19,000 million dollars: the moment in which Facebook reached into the service.

In honor of Zuckerberg’s company, WhatsApp has spent more than two years acting independently, without taking into account that its app is a direct competitor to Facebook Messenger. Facebook has allowed Whatsapp to go its way, because it was proven that it was the one that worked.

The plan to recover 19,000 million dollars

All that has ended today, when WhatsApp has modified, for the first time since the sale, its terms of service. After a long time, Facebook already knows how it is going to make money with WhatsApp, how it is going to recover the tremendous investment of two years ago. And you may not like the plan.

The main change is that from now on Whatsapp can deliver our phone number to FacebookThere are more things, but it is mainly that.

You may have read the news in other media and are wondering what the problem is. Naked eye the change is very small and it is clear that it will not affect the functioning of Whatsapp. But the reality is that this change is very calculated on the part of Facebook, because in this way it gets exactly what it needs.

Facebook is not interested in your messages. Facebook doesn’t care who you talk to or what topics you deal with. Facebook couldn’t care less about what you do on WhatsApp. And the proof is that not only have you endorsed end-to-end encryption, you’ve included it in the new terms of service. Facebook wants you to feel safe talking on WhatsApp, first of all.

Because for Facebook a simple phone number is the most valuable thing you can get from WhatsApp. Because that way the company can search it in its database, and associate our WhatsApp account with our Facebook profile; in other words with this change Facebook can know who all the WhatsApp users are.

It does not matter if you do not have a Facebook account, it is well known that the company has a database of non-users in which it stores the behavior it has registered thanks to the social widgets and the Like button integrated in the websites.

At least it seems that we can easily deactivate it, by accessing our account settings and unchecking the option to share information during the first 30 days from the change.

Whatsapp delivers data to Facebook to attract companies

But why does Facebook need to know what my WhatsApp account is? As the company itself confesses, this is all part of an app monetization process that allow businesses to contact us directly through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Android calls

For example, our bank may contact us if they detect that they have fraudulently entered our account, or an airline may notify us that our flight has been delayed. And although Whatsapp ensures that it wants to offer us an experience free of unwanted messages, it is certain that this channel will also be used to present products that may interest us.

That’s the horse Facebook is betting on. Forget about paying a euro a year, that was not done by the mothers of WhatsApp programmers, forget about advertising without rhyme or reason why nobody clicks on it, forget about any nonsense that the gurs have thought of today.

What Facebook wants is make money by offering a channel to companies so they can contact you more easilyA real achievement in an age when avoiding spam is as easy as blocking a phone number or using a competent email client.