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Why does a Defender warning icon appear since the last Windows update?

Why does a Defender warning icon appear since the last Windows update?

Why does a Defender warning icon appear since the last Windows update?

If you have installed the Windows 10 Creators Update, you may be wondering why there is a warning on the Windows Defender icon.

The Creators Update has brought with it many small and big news, most of them very grateful; But it also brings some changes that are difficult to understand, and that can lead to confusion.

For example, one of the areas that has changed the most with the Creators Update is Windows Defender; Microsoft’s antivirus has expanded, and now from its new interface we can control all aspects of our security.

Windows Defender expands, maybe more than it should

However, by expanding the responsibility of Windows Defender, it seems that Microsoft has gone overboard in some respects. To the point that we can see warnings that something bad is happening in our system, when in fact nothing has happened.

Many users have found that the icon Windows Defender now displays a yellow warning; even if we haven’t touched anything since the update, the icon appears.

Considering we are talking about Windows Defender, a warning is not a good thing; whatever it is, we imagine that it could be a virus, or that they have managed to enter our computer. If we put the mouse over the warning, it says nothing, only Recommended Actions.

What does it mean for Windows Defender icon to show a warning

But it turns out, most of the time, it’s nothing serious. This is borne out by users in the Microsoft community itself, who are complaining that Windows Defender wants things that have nothing to do with security to change.

The reasons the warning appears are somewhat stupid:

  • Because the team suspension is disabled.
  • Due to the state of the (non-existent) battery of a desktop computer.
  • From the brightness of the monitor.
  • Because the webcam drivers are not installed, although the user has deactivated it and does not want to use it.
  • By disabling the Smartscreen filter for web browsing.
  • In my case, the warning appeared because some time ago I deactivated the verification of files and applications. Before, you did not show me this notice.

Windows Defender showing a warning even if nothing really wrong is a pretty fat design flaw from Microsoft.

It’s not just that it’s a distraction, it’s that users are going to learn to ignore it; so when there really is a major problem, the user will ignore it. Surely everyone knows the story of where the wolf comes from, needless to say.

The worst thing is that we cannot do anything to remove this icon; Some users disappear when they restart the computer or when they change the settings to how Defender wants. Microsoft has yet to respond to these complaints.