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Why do the stamps always go in the upper right corner of the envelope?

Why do the stamps always go in the upper right corner of the envelope?

Why do the stamps always go in the upper right corner of the envelope?

We tell you why the stamps are placed in the corner of the envelope.

Although it has been clearly overtaken by digital communications, traditional mail, paper mail, is still widely used throughout the world.

Voucher, most of the letters you get are invoices or advertising (or both), but there are still many people who prefer to communicate as they did before, writing down their feelings on paper and sending them in a letter. And even if you haven’t sent a letter in a long time, you surely know how to do it.

Customs, important when writing a letter

For example, you know that you have to put the recipient’s address on the front, preferably in the center. A less common practice is to put our name and address on the back, or in a corner on the front. This is the area dedicated to the sender, which was originally usedin case the postman is forced to return the letter in case you have not been able to deliver it (or if the recipient wants to respond).

And of course, we cannot forget the best, of paste the stamp in the upper right corner. But why in that specific place and not in any other hole in the letter?

A stamp is nothing more than proof that we have previously paid the costs associated with sending the letter; it’s like we stick the invoice on the letter. Therefore, once the letter has been managed by the post office, what is known as a postmark is applied to it, which prints a motif on the letter and the stamp, rendering it unusable to force us to buy another stamp and not reuse it.

Why the stamps are put in the corner of the envelope

Therein lies the key to the position of the seal. Originally, as pointed out in Mental Floss, the position didn’t matter because post office clerks used the postmark to override letter stamps as I delivered them.

But as the postal entities grew larger, the need to implement a standard became apparent. Since the vast majority of people are right-handed and use the postmark with their right hand, Users were recommended to put the stamp in the upper right corner.

Postmarks are not currently used manually; in fact, nothing is done manuallyInstead, several machines are responsible for reading the postal code, assigning an identification code, transporting it, printing the postmark design on the letter, and assigning it to the postmen who will have to deliver it.

Of course, although automated systems are capable of detecting the exact position of the stamp, in case it fails to detect it for whatever reason, Correos has human workers that are responsible for killing the stamp manually, and the same happens if the postal code is not detected correctly, for example.

Thus, It doesn’t matter where you put the stamp, as long as it’s on the same side of the envelope as the address. That is the only requirement, you can put the stamp in the lower left corner, for example, and the post office will accept it without problems. The upper right position has been held more out of habit and convenience than anything else.