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Why apps are updated so much

Why apps are updated so much

Why apps are updated so much

Why and why are the applications updated so much? What is it for? We are sure that many of you have asked yourself these same questions on several occasions.

Our devices show us app update notifications practically every day, something that sometimes it can be a bit annoying. And it is that depending on the number of applications that we have installed, we can have a good time downloading the new versions.

Updates are necessary?

The first thing that we must take into account to understand the reason for so much updating is that the applications never end. That is, when a developer launches an application it does so with the idea that its development continues throughout life.


As a practical example we can talk about applications such as Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, which always receive new versions that we must install. In some cases these updates come with new featuresWhile on some occasions they do not include any apparent novelty in the eyes of users.

The truth is that developers have a rather complicated role in having to find a balance between updating too much and hardly ever updating. The first of the options can saturate the user and this could end up getting tired, while the second of them gives the feeling that we are facing an application that is abandoned.

Why is it necessary to update my applications?

Whether we like it or not, updating the applications is necessary by two fundamental reasons: include new functions that adapt to the needs of users and fix errors that may arise from the current version.


What is the right measure when it comes to releasing updates? Everything depends on how necessary it is. If the development team has paid attention to detail From the beginning we will surely be facing a much more solid application and with fewer errors to correct.

Sometimes, either due to programming errors or the arrival of a new version of the operating system, it will be necessary to launch an update that allows the application continue to operate normally.

It may be a bit annoying for users to receive updates too often, but it is a necessary evil if we want everything to work properly.

The perfect upgrade for users


It never rains to everyone’s liking and in the same way it is impossible for developers to keep all users of their applications happy. But what would be the ideal update cycle?

In my opinion, the apps should be updated periodically and include performance and aesthetic improvements. Those updates that do not include any improvement that the user can see with their own eyes are not so highly valued by them.