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Who have stolen the moon? – Interactive children’s book for iPhone and iPad

quin habr robado la luna

Whenever a good interactive mobile book pops up, we make a hole here at It is a good way to understand literature in modern times, a great way to cultivate love for a good story, and we have to keep working on this format.

After talking about iPoe, the three little pigs, the forgotten colors, the underground kingdom, Mr. Morris Lessmore’s fantastic flying books and some tools to create these types of books, it is now time to comment on the iOS version of Who would have stolen the moon ?, available for reading and with audio in 15 different languages.

Created by Windy Press, this is an interactive children’s music book written by British writer Helen Stratton-Would and illustrated by artist Vlad Gerasimov. It is a story about a boy who dreamed of being an astronaut and whose passion was to see the moon every night from his room, until one day he did not appear in the sky …

It includes animations, 4 mini-games and 8 original songs, being one of the highlights by Forbes in its list of the most interesting children’s applications for Apple devices.

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