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Where to find the best bots for Telegram

Where to find the best bots for Telegram

Where to find the best bots for Telegram

The bots, Go preparing for them, because they are the new protagonists of the world of technology.

Human language is the new user interface, bots are the new applications. This phrase was said by Satya Nadella, current CEO of Microsoft, and that can go down in history as a great appointment that marks the technological period that will come in the coming months and years.

The bots have appeared on the scene and seem willing to stay, it is not only Microsoft that is doing a great bet for its development, Facebook is also expected to announce news in this regard for its Messenger platform at its F8 conference.

Bots, for what?

You no longer have to think of bots as programs that give you automated responses to specific commands, but rather as artificial intelligence capable of understanding human language and natural, to have a conversation, to understand the context and not be limited to commands or keywords.

Bots that they will work actively, conversational assistants. For example, as they showed in a demo: why download an application from a restaurant chain to place an order, if you can naturally speak to a bot and tell them what you want as you would do with a friend.

We will see much more about bots soon, at the moment Microsoft has put the tools to create them available to developers. You can find the Microsoft Bot Framework on the official page of the project, as well as some examples of those already created with this technology.

Bots for Telegram, much to choose from

Telegram Messenger It is one of the multiplatform messaging services that has grown the most in recent months, continuously incorporating more and more functions and characteristics, being much more than a messenger app to use, which also causes a continuous comparison with WhatsApp, despite the fact that the gap in users that separates them is enormous.

Since mid-2015 the bots started coming to Telegram, being able to use the classic conversations as services of all kinds. For example, a chat with a bot that tells you the weather in your area, therefore it is an integrated meteorology service, or a survey bot within a group, or a bot that automatically informs you of everything we publish in Omicrono and so with all kinds of possibilities.

A store with the best Telegram Bots

In these months, the popularity of the application and the possibilities it offers have allowed to create all kinds of bots, Some more usefulOthers are more curious, but there are certainly something for everyone. Our companions of The Free Android have already reviewed some of the best, but there are many more.

With a tremendous amount of Bots to discover, websites like StoreBot, which is literally a Telegram bots store.

StoreBot, bots for Telegram

Bots against which to play Poker, to learn more about sports, with tremendously funny Gifs, about LOL, to improve your experience in stores and find offers, to download music and other content, to know the weather of the week, news bots from everything.

Another option is also to use Reddit, specifically the subreddit dedicated to Telegram Bots, where users comment on news, changes, how to create and integrate them with other services and more.

Telegram Bots Subredit

And you, do you use bots on Telegram? What do you think about Microsoft’s bet? Do you really believe that bots are new applications? The future will tell.