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WhatsApp as a Customer Service platform

mayo 23, 2020

Did you know that the social network WhatsApp Messenger can also be used as a customer service platform, that is, as B2C? There are already many companies that have joined the Mobile Marketing trend and have incorporated WhatsApp as a Customer Service channel.

In this sense, WhatsAppAlertas was born as the first professional customer service helpdesk platform, where the user gets in contact with the company through a live chat via WhatsApp.

We have been with its Commercial and Marketing Manager, Gonzalo Gmez Rufino, and he has spoken to us about this service.

1. What is a SAC WhatsApp Channel?

The SAC WhatsApp Channel is a service that offers WhatsAppAlerts which is to offer a personalized and live attention to the user through a professional multi-agent platform with WhatsApp Messenger users.

WhatsAppAlertas apart from being a Call Center platform in use, constitutes a powerful tool, since it has a fully customized interactive menu in which the user can send all kinds of campaigns and messages via WhatsApp. In addition, it includes Automatic responses and diversion of conversations to various agents, as well as TAGs or personalized labels and complete reports how users and chat agents behave. It also has the possibility of having simultaneous conversations between various agents, assigning conversations, adding internal notes and saving all user data in a contact agenda.

2. Can a phone number be used as the sender?

All the messages that are sent through WhatsApp Alerts have a phone number as sender. In this sense, we recommend that companies that contract this service use the same number when sending all their notifications and campaigns, so that the user recognizes the sender of the message and relates it to their company. In addition, there is the possibility of personalizing the messages with corporate image or profile photo and brand name as WhatsApp status.

Likewise, WhatsAppAlerts has a telephone number purchase service for those users who do not want to publicize their corporate phone. There are a wide variety of options available and the numbers offered are brand new and brand new and have no expiration. Within this service is that of Easy to remember phone numbers, which as the name implies, are numbers of simple telephones to memorize for the user.

3. Can communications be sent via WhatsApp to users?

WhatsApp Alerts users can send communications via WhatsApp through the platform WhatsAppMarketing, a powerful tool that was born together with WhatsAppAlertas and that offers the possibility of send all kinds of messages in bulk via WhatsApp to a contact list such as texts, images, documents, videos, locations, audios, emoticons, urls, hashtags, etc. All this while respecting the security of the information, since WhatsappMarketing has a commitment to data confidentiality set out in its Privacy Policy.

4. Can the WhatsAppAlertas service be used to run contests?

The WhatsAppAlertas Platform is not only used by companies as a Customer Service or Call Center, but many companies have used it to carry out contests, promotions or raffles goes WhatsApp in the high style #PalabraClave.

There are already many companies that have successfully managed WhatsApp contests, as they have managed not only to achieve their objectives but have also achieved a high conversion rate, something that was not expected.

5. Could you tell us about any success story using this service?

Since WhatsAppAlertas was created, there are many companies that have used this service to hold contests, promotions or raffles via WhatsApp. Below I detail some success stories:

– Cacaolat

The chocolate milkshake company Cacaolat used the WhatsAppAlertas platform to manage the campaign Looking for Pepi. This initiative consists of strengthening the brand image at the national level. For this, Cacaolat implanted numerous billboards in Barcelona, ​​whose objective was to search for the character Cacaolat Pepi, in this way the user entered the draw for 180 products of the aforementioned brand.

The contest consisted in that a message had to be sent via WhatsApp with the photograph of the character Pepi along with the hashtag #cacaolat to enter the aforementioned promotion.

The campaign lasted 3 months and more than 380,000 users They sent the image of Pepi that was hidden in the different billboards through a WhatsApp message.

– Bifrutas

The well-known brand of juices Bifrutas called a raffle for a fantastic motorcycle through WhatsApp Alerts. To participate in this promotion, you had to buy two products of the aforementioned brand and send a photograph of the purchase ticket through a WhatsApp number that was already indicated.

Nearly 38,000 users and, apart from strengthening its image, there was a boom in sales, since it was one of the essential requirements to participate.

– WhatsTravel

Another success case is that of the WhatsTravel company, which used the WhatsAppAlerts tool to manage flight reservations and vacation packages via WhatsApp.

6. Do you think that the future of WhatsApp will be focused on companies?

WhatsApp Messenger, as other instant messaging applications have already done, faces a new challenge, which may be launched this year, and that is to incorporate its platform ecommerce strategies in order to be more competitive and to bring brands closer to the user.

In this sense, it has already revised its Terms of Service and its Privacy Policy, in order to test communication alternatives between users and businesses. In addition, joining Facebook or launching new functions such as end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp Calling, or tools for using WhatsApp in a browser or on a computer desktop, has been in order to improve the experience of the user.

The intention of WhatsApp in the coming months is that users, apart from using the application to communicate with their friends, family and people, can communicate with businesses that are relevant to them. For this, the user must previously accept the latest Terms and Privacy Policy. This way, for example, you will receive text messages or calls from your bank alerting you to a fraudulent transaction, or notifications from an airline informing you that your flight is delayed.

In addition, the fact that WhatsApp has joined Facebook, does nothing other than offer the user more and better services. When you connect the phone number to the social network Facebook, it could offer you better suggestions for friends and show you relevant ads. For example, you might see an ad from a company you've already communicated with, rather than one from a business you've never heard of.