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What’s new on Google in the last 24 hours

What's new on Google in the last 24 hours

Without wasting a minute of your time, Google has announced in less than 24 hours four interesting novelties of its products. Although it would be five if we add one more hour, since yesterday the Gmail Twitter account (@gmail) was released;

The information, obtained in the recent, I leave it here:

Panoramio Stats

A statistics system so that Panoramio users know the visits made to the photos they include in the system. For those who do not remember, Panoramio is an application that allows us to share our geographically located photos. Purchased in 2007 from the Spaniards Joaqun Cuenca Abela and Eduardo Manchn Aguilar.

Category blocking in Adsense

Available to a small group of users, this is a new feature that allows Google Adsense users to easily block certain categories of ads, increasing the possibilities to be more specific in blocking.

This feature is available in the new version of adsense, as you can see in the captured image.

Mobile Finance improvements

Google Finance smartphone users have several new features available, including the ability to manage portfolios and Mutual Funds.

Google Goggles on iPhone

Since Google Goggles for Android was announced in December, many have been waiting like water for the iPhone version in May. We already have it available in iTunes, allowing us to use the photos captured with the camera as input data in the search engine.

We just have to take the photo and wait for Google to use its image recognition system to display the data immediately afterwards.