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What you should do before the Windows 10 Creators Update arrives

What you should do before the Windows 10 Creators Update arrives

What you should do before the Windows 10 Creators Update arrives

We tell you what you should do before installing the Creators Update for Windows 10.

We already have a date. April 11 will be the release of the next major Windows 10 update.; It is called Creators Update, and as its name indicates with it, Microsoft intends that Windows 10 be a better system to create.

This translates into new features and programs included by default; in Omicrono We have already talked about some of them, but very soon we will review them in more detail.

Now that we know the final launch date, we have to wait, right? Well there is actually a better way to take advantage of our time, and that is to prepare our system for the update.

That sounds complicated, but there really isn’t much to do; They are just a few steps to make sure that when the day comes, we are ready.

Free up space before installing Windows 10 Creators Update

For example, the main task, and in which you will possibly waste more time, is free up space. Due to the way the Windows Updater works, it will be necessary to have space not only for the downloaded files, but also to decompress them.

If we look at the last major Windows update, the Anniversary Update, the official requirements were 16 GB for the 32-bit version, and 20 GB for the 64-bit version. That’s quite a lot, and in fact there were many tablet users who had trouble updating.

However, using tools like the Update Wizard (which we will talk about later), it is possible to limit the space that the update uses. With that tool, some users were able to update with only 8 GB free.

To play it safe, lor ideal would be to have 10 GB and 20 GB free on the partition where Windows is installed. This is important, if you have installed Windows on an SSD, it may be the drive with the least free space.

Update your equipment

Windows will not install the Creators Update if the system does not have the latest updates installed.

Make sure your computer is up to date, especially the day before or the same day 11. To do this, open the Start menu and look for Windows Update.

In the window that opens, just click on Check for updates. Windows Update will take care of the rest.

Update your favorite shows

Every time an update fundamentally changes the way things work, some programs inevitably stop working.

In these cases, Microsoft has been offering the Creators Update news to app developers through Windows Insider for months. Therefore, it is very possible that your favorite programs are updated for the Creators Update.

This step is identical to the previous one, but you will have to go program by program to update it.

Download the program to update Windows

Do you remember the Update Assistant that I mentioned before? That will be your great ally on April 11.

Rather than waiting for Windows Update to update, or hitting the check for updates every five minutes, it’s better to download this little program.

When you run it, it will automatically check for updates and allow you to install Creators Update without waiting.

In fact, it is already possible to update to the Creators Update using this method, but it is not recommended. This version is not the final one.

Starting next April 5, you will be able to install the Creators Update using the Update Wizard.

Download Windows 10 Update Wizard