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What would be the best time for an alien attack?

What would be the best time for an alien attack?

What would be the best time for an alien attack?

The time when most people are asleep would probably be the ideal time for an alien race to attempt an invasion, don’t you think?

But when will that moment be? As you well know, there is always a place on Earth where it is night, and therefore there is always a place where it is daytime.

Now, the human population is not divided equally throughout the globe, so there will be certain times when there will be many more people asleep than awake, it all depends on the area illuminated by the Sun.

What is the time when more people are asleep

The Alphabet Passport website, where we can mark passes that we have visited and compare ourselves with our friends, can help us resolve this question. In its section dedicated to sleep we can see various graphics and interesting data on the number of people who are sleeping at any moment.

For example, in a section we can see in real time how many people are sleeping and she’s awake right now. Okay, so it’s just an approximation that depends on the rotation of the earth and the illuminated areas, but it’s worth it for our scenario of a possible alien invasion.

Below we can find one list of cities that are currently sleeping, Or what is the same, that more than 50% of its citizens could be sleeping. We can also see a list of famous personalities who are probably sleeping, if they are good boys and girls who go to bed when they should.

But the graph that interests us is above, that of world percentage of people sleeping every hour. As we see, if the aliens attacked at 13:00 UTC (15:00 Spanish peninsular time), 84.66% of the world population would be wide awake, so we found out about any flying saucers that appeared.

But if instead, the attack occurs at 22: oo UTC (midnight on the Iberian peninsula), nothing less than 57.42% of people will be asleep, the majority. Sure, many millions of people would still be awake, so maybe it’s better to leave the invasion for another day, right? * guide, guide, elbow, elbow *.