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What to do when Instagram doesn't work

What to do when Instagram doesn't work

Instagram for Windows 10 finally catches up

Problems with Instagram? You are not the only one affected, so you can fix bugs when Instagram doesn’t work.

With more than 600 million users per month, up to the minimum Instagram glitchIt affects thousands, millions of people, what to do when we can’t upload photos to Instagram or check our friends’ posts?

As with many other services, when Instagram fails globally, it is easy to find a multitude of user complaints on social networks, at least this serves to know that We are not alone and it is a general problem.

How to fix Instagram problems

This is what has happened in the last few hours, Twitter has been filled with complaints because Instagram goes black and ends up closing, what can we do about this case?

Specifically, it seems to affect after the last update (10.4.0 on Android, 10.4.1 on iOS), but the steps to follow are the same in case of future versions. If you have noticed bugs in the app and you can neither publish nor explore photos, the first thing that the company itself recommends is restart the phone or tablet.

Yes, it may seem the typical solution that we all say to that relative who complains so much, but sometimes a simple restart device fixes it.

Problems on Instagram for iOS: iPhone and iPad

In the case of the version of Instagram for iOS, the social network of photography advises something quite drastic and direct to solve problems on Instagram for iPhone or iPad: uninstall the application.

Yes, sometimes you do not have to think more about the problems and everything goes through a reinstallation. Perhaps an update has corrupted some files and that is why everything does not flow as it should. Therefore, uninstall Instagram (on iOS by pressing and holding its icon on the desktop until the X appears), and reinstall it from the App Store.

When Instagram doesn’t work on Android

In the case of Android, the solution to problems with Instagram follows a fairly similar path, but before you can try erase all data of the application.

In Android users have the possibility to leave the applications as if they were newly installed, but without having to uninstall them first. To do this we go to Settings, Applications, look for the one that interests us (in this case Instagram) and find the options to Delete Cach and Delete Data.

Clearing Cach frees up the space occupied by all temporary files, while Clearing Data removes everything, and even ends our session. In the case of Instagram, there is no problem in Deleting Data because everything is on their servers, but if you do it with another application you should make sure to make a backup, just in case.

Deleting the data from Instagram does not work, we return to the drastic step: uninstall and reinstall from Google Play.

If Instagram doesn’t work, and these steps don’t fix the glitches you’re experiencing, there is likely a bigger problem and the company is working on it to launch an update as soon as possible. In these cases, they usually indicate the known problems in this section of their website.