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What to do if your laptop gets wet

What to do if your laptop gets wet

What to do if your laptop gets wet

A wet computer can be saved if you act quickly and wisely. What to do if your laptop gets wet?

A computer is not cheap, and no matter how careful you are, anyone can have an accident when they least expect it. Among all the disasters that can happen to a laptop, spilling a glass of water on it is one of the most typical, but it does not have to mean the end.

Although water (or almost any other liquid, actually) is to an electronic circuit what rat killing a rat, hopefully and following the right steps quickly You can get to keep your computer in perfect condition.

What to do if your laptop gets wet: your first safety

First of all, it is important to be careful; Although it is elementary, it never hurts to remember that electricity and water together are very dangerous. So first make sure that both your hands and the off button are dry, and if not, dry first with a towel. Immediately afterwards, forcibly shutdown the computer (press the shutdown button for 5 seconds).

If the computer is plugged in, unplug it, and if possible also remove the battery. Once all this is done you are sure and you can start trading without fear. If you have anything else connected to the computer (keyboard, mouse, external storage) disconnect it too.

Save the laptop

Then open the computer and take out all the pieces you can take out. Be careful and touch only what you know can be removed and how to get it out, lest you end up doing more damage. If possible remove the RAM and the SSD or HDD.

Now, if the spilled liquid is one that leaves a stick when it dries (alcohol or sugar drinks, for example), you are going to have to take it to be repaired by a professional s or s; You have already done everything in your power to reduce damage. But if it is water, still you can try to save it yourself completely.

First, manually towel-dry the computer on the outside as much as you can. Then spread another towel on a table and put the computer as open as you can, with the keyboard and the screen facing the towel. Leave the computer for 3 or 4 hours, losing water. Then reassemble all the parts and check that the computer boots correctly. If not, your last option is to take it to the SAT and hope everything goes well.

Although the computer boots correctly, it still there is a small chance that the water will take its toll in the next two to three weeks. So, in case the laptop suddenly fails soon after, run to a professional and explain what happened.

Has your laptop ever got wet? Have you tried this method?