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What is the periodic scan of Windows 10 and how can you activate and deactivate it

What is the periodic scan of Windows 10 and how can you activate and deactivate it

What is the periodic scan of Windows 10 and how can you activate and deactivate it

Periodic scanning of Windows 10 may be the next annoyance included by Microsoft in the system, but before judging it we have to understand what it does and why.

Between June and July Windows 10 receive the call anniversary update, which will basically be like the service packs from before, a set of patches, updates and new functionalities to improve the system.

Among these new features, there is a very interesting one for what it may mean for our security, but also for the performance of our computer. I speak of periodic scan will be available with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

The periodic scan of Windows 10 wants to make sure that you have not been strained by a virus

As you may be aware, Windows 10 includes its own antivirus and malware protector, Windows Defender. That does not mean that you can install your preferred antivirus, of course (as long as it is compatible). In that case, Defender will be disabled and Windows will trust the installed antivirus.

The new functionality in Windows 10 changes that completely, and allows us to have two antivirus programs, the one we install and Windows Defender, running at the same time.

windows 10 periodic scan 4

If you’re getting dizzy from thinking about the amount of resources wasted, Microsoft promises that Defend not stay in the background (This function will be in the hands of the installed antivirus), but will only be activated from time to time to check that everything is in order.

windows 10 periodic scan 2

For some reason, Microsoft doesn’t seem to have enough confidence in today’s antivirus creators; Either that or he really wants us to use Defender at all costs. Mind you, any added protection is welcome, but using two antivirus at the same time sounds more like a waste of resources than to something else.

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On the other hand, Getting a second opinion from time to time may come in handy. There is no perfect antivirus, and it is inevitable that we end up infected just with the malware that our program cannot detect; In these cases, the periodic scanning of Windows 10 can save us, detecting what other antivirus cannot.

windows 10 periodic scan 1

The good news is that it seems that Microsoft has learned from other occasions, and this functionality will not be activated by default. If we want to activate it, we will only have to access the Windows Defender Configuration, and we will see a new option that we can activate, but only if we have installed an antivirus other than Defender, of course.

If you are signed in to Windows Insider, you will have that option available already, if not, you will have to wait for the launch of the anniversary update.