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What is the 64-bit version of Firefox and why you should use it

What is the 64-bit version of Firefox and why you should use it

Firefox will notify you if the page you visit has been hacked

The history of 64-bit Firefox and Windows has been quite long and complex since it began its journey at the end of 2015. This story is about to enter a new stage by moving from offering 32-bit Firefox as a download option. default to offer 64-bit Firefox by default in Windows.

At the moment, the 32-bit option of said browser is still the default option at the time of download, although both versions are available. But why should you make use of the 64 bit version?

Why switch to the 64-bit version?

While the 32-bit version works well and is the only option for those systems that don’t have a 64-bit processor, the latter It is the most recommended for those who have compatible equipment.

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The reason is quite simple: each Firefox process uses a certain amount of RAM and the 64 bit applications they benefit from the security features that 32-bit applications do not have.

The only downside that Firefox users may face when switching to the 64-bit version is the support of certain plugins that are not supported. But although it only has support for Flash and Silverlight, the new NPAPI plugin offers the possibility of make use of all the necessary plugins.

Mozilla wants to prioritize 64-bit version of Firefox

As data, we have to point out that in July 2016 only 1.7% of Firefox users on Windows used a 64-bit version of the browser. This figure will have risen since then, although it is lower than it should be. because Mozilla has prioritized downloading the 32-bit installer.

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Best of all, it’s very easy to change versions and only need to download the 64-bit browser installer. All shortcuts, profiles, bookmarks, modifications and user data will continue to function as usual.

It should be noted that before downloading and installing the 64-bit version of Firefox we have to check that our operating system is compatible. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, our team need to have a 64-bit processor.

If our equipment is not compatible, we will have to continue using Firefox 32 bits. But do not worry since, as pointed out by Ghacks, Mozilla does not leave aside the compatibility with the 32-bit version, but will focus on the distribution of the 64-bit version.