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What is Snapchat and how the popular image chat works


In an age where there are almost more messaging clients than mobiles in the world, it is essential to develop something quite innovative if you want to have the opportunity to keep a considerable slice of the pie from global users. Whatsapp, BBM, Line, Viber, Skype and even Facebook chat are a clear example of this, apps that in essence are messenger clients but thanks to their differentiating characteristics they already have millions of loyal followers.

Snapchat is another application that with a good idea is already part of the reigning group in the world of mobile messaging and has come to such a place by thinking of more than just text as the main component in the body of messages: photos and the videos. Here we analyze it in depth:

What is Snapchat

It is a free instant messaging application, for iOS and Android, where the idea is not to share text, but photos and videos. It is a kind of photo chat with the important detail that when receiving a new photographic message, it is displayed on the screen and is removed from the recipient’s mobile phone after a few seconds of being viewed. The photo can be embellished with text or colored stripes before sending, and it is also possible to send messages to different users at the same time.

How Snapchat works

After initializing the application, the mobile camera will be automatically activated, so it remains to decide the target of the photograph and take it with the middle button. If you want to record a video, you need to press and hold the shutter instead of just tapping it. Well, after having the visual material that you want to send, you can add some strokes with the colored pencil at the top or add a bar with a little text with the respective button at the bottom left.

The next thing to do is define the time limit that will last in the recipient’s mobile (maximum 10 seconds), click on the button with the icon of an arrow to the right, mark the users to be sent to, and click again on the button. of the arrow. A notice will then appear that the recipient has been successfully sent, who can view the message by holding your finger on it until the defined time expires.

What makes it so innovative and when can it be useful

A photo chat where the photos are self-destructive suggests that their greatest usefulness will be seen when wanting to share striking photos that they wish to share privately without being published and made viral on other public networks (especially Facebook), which are enjoy just for a few moments and then become simple anecdotes, nothing more than that.

A good example is in the embarrassing photos that are usually taken at parties, which are funny but many want them to be removed as quickly as possible. Another idea is to take advantage of it for sentimental or humorous conversations where each captured photograph, being instantaneous and not having a thousand previous editions (filters, improvements with Photoshop, etc.), becomes more real, more human.

The bad thing about Snapchat

That Snapchat is a pioneer also makes it suffer from some important inconveniences that are barely getting a solution. For example, it requires an expense in the data plan in the mobile or a WiFi connection where the speed, being shared multimedia content, will have a fundamental role in the time of sending and response between messages. Likewise, the quality will be limited by the users’ mobile phones in communication, their cameras and their ability to deal with video capture.

But those are trifles when compared to the seriousness of the excessive confidence of many in thinking that the process of self-destruction of images is something infallible. If an image is sent regardless of the content (from something funny to something with sensitive, sexual, morbid and inappropriate material for some), with some simple ideas such as taking photos with another mobile phone or through screenshots (although when this happens , the sender of the message receives a notification that it took effect), this restriction can be ignored.

And consequently a new level of severity is reached since contact with strangers is facilitated in the addition of friends, and worse still, minors can access the application without problem being tempted by their condition to yield to requests to send personal and improper content (sexting). In addition, the application is so popular that according to Business Insider the number of daily photos sent is about to match Facebook – a network that wanted to buy Snapchat offering up to three times what they paid to keep Instagram. To delve into the topic on they have published a detailed infographic (click on the image to enlarge it).

How to download Snapchat

Snapchat is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free directly from the App Store and in the Play store. For children under 13, when they try to install Snapchat on their mobile, it will be installed automatically Snapkidz which is a reduced version of Snapchat and offline -to prevent children from sharing photos online indiscriminately.