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What happens if you turn on a CD player in space?

What happens if you turn on a CD player in space?

What happens if you turn on a CD player in space?

This video recorded at the International Space Station reveals what happens if we use a record player in space.

Okay, not exactly a question we ask ourselves on a daily basis, especially nowadays, when portable CD players have passed into a better life and everyone uses their smartphone to listen to music, or at most an MP3 device.

Yes, there was a time when we carried these junk on the street, it was the only option apart from the radio to listen to music (although many of us survived with the cassettes until we had no choice but to update).

This is what happens if we use a disc player in space

The funny thing is that These CD players serve more than just listening to the latest hits and scratching discs., as astronaut Donald Pettit demonstrated while on the ISS between 2002 and 2003. Pettit became famous for his short videos demonstrating scientific concepts in space, and is therefore one of the drivers of scientific dissemination that make astronauts today.

The question that Pettit wanted to solve was what would happen if he used his disc player in zero gravity in which the ISS astronauts are, and for this he carried out several experiments.

First, I checked the difference between turning on the appliance and not doing it; He released two devices and tapped them. The one that was turned off rotated about its center of gravity, but the interesting thing is that the player that was spinning its disk stabilized.

The effect is produced thanks to the movement of the disc, which guarantees gyroscopic stability that the device does not normally have. To better see how this happens, the astronaut taped two devices on tape; when they were off there was no stability, but when they were turned on they were quite stable.

History repeats itself with three players attached, and in fact the result is so stable that the astronauts used it to hold objects, such as a flashlight and thus have their hands free.

So that you see that this type of experiments, although they seem stupid, have their utility.