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What does human flesh taste like?

What does human flesh taste like?

What does human flesh taste like?

Surely you have ever wondered what human flesh tastes like. Confess it, we are between friends.

No? Never? Well, what are we doing, that is a question that Some They have been made throughout history, and there are even those who have managed to prove it, to the contempt of the entire society.

And it is that eating human meat is very high on the list of things that should not be presumed, for all the ethical and legal problems that they entail. cannibalism is associated with mental illness and barbarism in general (the famous cannibal tribes that so many films have starred in).

The question that nobody dares to ask out loud

The general consensus seems to be that, unless it is a cause of force majeure (what do I know, that our plane crashes in the mountains), eating human meat is not a good idea.

But our scientific mind is not satisfied with what they tell you, it wants to know the truth behind any doubt, even if it means cutting off our leg and eating it. Literally speaking.

That’s what presenter Greg Foot of the BBC’s Secrets of Everything show has done, posting a video clip on YouTube. In it Foot tells us how I tried to find out what human flesh tastes like, despite all the inconveniences to get it.

For starters, in the UK eating human meat is illegal, including yours; That this has happened so many times as to need a law to regulate it is an issue that we will leave for another day, but what concerns us, like Foot, was How was I going to taste a piece of a person while avoiding jail.

The solution I found wasn’t perfect, but it’s probably the closest you can get to without having to tell a funny story to a judge. Basically Greg Foot took advantage of that the sense of taste depends a lot on smell, something you may have noticed when you ate while you were constipated.

Before you continue talking, and in case you haven’t noticed, the video and the images that we are going to put next songore and NSFW And it can be annoying because it presents a surgical operation and soft cannibalism.

The presenter who tried would find out what human flesh tastes

Greg Foot first decided that he was going to savor himself, since eating someone else, even voluntarily, is his own range of problems. For it had a small piece of muscle removed from your leg, delcudriceps specifically. The process seems very painful, despite the anesthesia, so don’t try this at home.

A first study of the muscle reveals that the tissue obtained is very similar to the fibrous tissue that you can find while eating chicken or another type of meat, although if you have to make a comparison, the meat is probably more like beef.

Now, I wasn’t just going to cook those muscle pieces and eat them, was I? Here enters the sense of smell; odor accounts for 80% of the flavor composition that we end up associating with food, so if we only smell a piece of meat, we can more or less know what sensations it would produce in our mouth.

After analyzing the pieces of meat, the presenter smells his own meat, already cooked, and the conclusion he comes to, after a strong initial impression, is that human flesh really smells good.

The smell was stronger and more consistent than pork or chicken; after tasting it a second time, he comes to the same conclusion that it looks like beef or veal.

The analysis confirms that it is a red meat odor, although in its case pulls further towards a combination between lamb and pork.

Although Greg Foot couldn’t eat his piece of leg, he at least settled for a lamb and pork burger for a similar flavor. So if you get cannibalistic trends, you already know what hamburger to buy.