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What are the best affiliate programs on the Internet?

mayo 23, 2020

Affiliate programs on the Internet have been around since the first website was created. It is a cheap and practical system to publicize a service, and many people tend to sign up to all those who appear throughout the planet.

With affiliate programs everyone wins, that is the effect phrase that has allowed the custom to remain alive for so many years, a phrase based on three main points:

– The service that is contracted wins, because it does not pay advertising and it gets new users with the effort of others. Get sellers in exchange for offering discounts or promotions, with the possibility of going viral in a short time if the discount is striking.

– The user who discloses the service wins, because he gets a discount, or some kind of prize, for disclosing something he already uses or already knows.

– The end customer wins, because they purchase a product or service with an additional discount or premium (in many cases), or simply because they end up learning about a product whose cost / benefit ratio is positive.

The problem is that there are so many existing affiliate programs on the Internet that it is very easy to fall into the networks of some not very popular, or with controversial contract terms, which is why it is important to always know the most popular, the most serious to when distributing the prizes, and those that offer more advantages for our sales effort.

At they want to help us with this issue, and for this they have launched a website where they are registering the best affiliate programs of the moment, all of them related to companies in the technology sector.

On that page we can check what Dropbox offers us each time we recommend its service to someone, or the conditions of Amazon, or those of Uber, Airbnb, trello … they classify the list in those that are paid and those that are free, and In each of the listed companies they show screenshots of the affiliate offers that are opening.

At any time we can find the administrators to include new affiliate programs that we find interesting on the web, although there is a team of people who are in charge of verifying if it is really interesting and if there is a serious company behind it.

If we leave the world of startups and technology, we can find a complete list on of impressive affiliate programs that offer a lot of money for each sale made, although most are focused solely on the United States market. is also dedicated to collecting these types of websites, and for them they have a search engine that allows us to find the proposals classified by categories.

Finally we can not stop commenting on the list of, where they have classified several of the affiliate websites in Spanish in order of popularity on the Internet, being Amazon in the first place, as it could not be different.

Affiliate networks there are many, but all of them should be used with caution. Crossing the line that separates the recommendation from spam is easy, so it is important to always have enough common sense so as not to abuse our contact networks.