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WhastApp integrates the search engine for GIFs in chats

WhastApp integrates the search engine for GIFs in chats


Hallelujah! WhastApp integrates the search engine for GIFs in the application itself and now it is easier than ever to send all kinds of reactions.

What would become of us without our beloved GIFs. If an image is worth a thousand words, a GIF is worth a thousand images, and now you can search them directly on WhatsApp thanks to the integration with Giphy.

The history of support GIFs on WhatsApp It comes from far away, but now we finally find the direct button to search for them within each conversation with our contacts, right in the emojis section.

Giphy integrated in WhatsApp: search engine for GIFs in your chats

Among the latest WhatsApp news is the increase in photos that can be sent at the same time, it has increased from 10 to 30, but as reported by AndroidPolice, there is also a new function, the search for GIFs on WhatsApp directly from the chat.

It works great and also the database of GIFs is huge, since the integration is with Giphy. It is not necessary to have the Google keyboard installed (or any other with integrated GIFs), nor to have the Giphy application, nor the downloaded GIFs themselves.


The GIF finder on WhatsApp appears at the bottom when you press the emoji button. We will get directly the most prominent of the moment, but by clicking on the magnifying glass we can search for the ones we want using different terms (better if it is in English for more accurate results).

We can preview and send them instantly. Quick and easy. It works very well, as we have seen in other services such as Twitter or Telegram, all integrated with Giphy. Here’s how it works:

To use the GIF on WhatsApp Right now you have to install the latest version of the application, corresponding to the 2.17.6 beta, on Android:

WhatsApp 2.17.6 APK with GIFS finder

At the moment it is in the beta (although I have not noticed failures, it can be used without problems), but sooner or later it will end up reaching the version for everyone on Android and iOS.

GIF finder also on WhastApp Web

If you are a WhatsApp Web user, the Giphytambin search engine has been integrated there.