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whallet, new option to manage our expenses via web and mobile


Here we are with one more application that we have available to manage our finances. Is about Whallet (, a tool for web and mobile (iPhone and Android) in which we can include the money that enters the house and the categories in which we spend it, thus allowing us to monitor the evolution of our consumption and detect possible problems.

Fully available in Spanish, it competes directly with this list of web platforms that we mentioned several months ago, as well as with mobile applications such as dollarbird, Your Expenses, Spendee and other solutions that we have been discussing in the economic management category.

At the moment the features of whallet are quite basic, although they comment in loogic that it has already reached 50,000 users in its iPhone version, making it clear that it is one of the preferred options for users who usually use this type of tool.

They are already working on the possibility of attaching the purchase ticket to Whallet, as well as being able to take a photo of the ticket in order to recognize the data or save it as a backup for future needs when checking our expenses.

What is clear is that the typical existing spreadsheet in homes is being replaced by mobile applications, much more practical to record consumption just when it is being done, without fear of losing data along the way.