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Websites to learn Japanese


Oriental is in fashion and Japanese, with everything from Manga, Anime and others, is one of the first desired languages ​​of the moment. On the internet we find several websites designed to teach us Japanese by the face: Learn Japanese Language: the first thing we should know is that Japanese consists of 3 alphabets that intermingle with each other when building words and / or phrases, this website, starting from that teaching, help us to communicate and write the language of Manga.

Tofugu: an educational website created from a blog. The blogger teaches us from Japanese culture and customs, making learning more distracted and not monotonous.

In 101 Languages ​​we will not find only Japanese, as its name suggests, we will be able to choose between 101 languages ​​to learn. It is somewhat complicated to navigate, true, but it has a series of informative articles and articles on Japanese culture very well structured and interesting.

Japanesepod101 asks you to become a member but without becoming a member, we have access to a large number of videos, pronunciation lessons, lessons and their newsletters, which would have been worth stopping by here.

MLCJapanese is a website where we can download pdf files that the school teachers distribute to their students to learn the lessons.

Update: They warn in the comments that we leave the Spanish that, in addition to being instructive, it is fun.