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Webs to download free programs that will not fill your computer with garbage

Webs to download free programs that will not fill your computer with garbage

Webs to download free programs that will not fill your computer with garbage

On these websites you can download free programs without fear of filling your computer with garbage.

The typical scene that always repeats: you are looking for a free program or application, freeware,Queries on Google and you end up on a download website. Everything is correct, it seems easy. You press the Download button and another tab with advertising opens. There are 16 other download buttons. None is what you want.

That is what happens in the best case, with a little more luck you will download an executable file that promises to be the program you were looking for but by the way the installer will include junk software.

Webs to download free programs without dying in the attempt

If you are a moderately experienced Internet user, it is likely that you will fly all those fake download buttons and you know how to dodge them like a ninja (I admit that sometimes they work them and more than once, and twice, I have fallen), but there are always snow users or less clever who are meat of crapware.Then what happens happens: they end up with a computer full of garbage and a thousand processes consuming resources.

In short, it is usually a common practice for download websites to try to trick the user into stealing advertising clicks and thus increase their income, but of course this does not happen in all of them.

We are going to collect some of the websites that treat the user well, not including crapware in the installers nimarendonos with too much publicity.

SourceForge, its new owners have cleaned it up

SourceForge was one of the classics, it became one of the quintessential sites for download free software, a reference on the Internet. However, in the middle of last year it started to fill up with spyware and many developers started removing their creations from there, even Google blocked it.

It looked like the SourceForge din but luckily it has recovered. Since last January the page belongs to the company Bizx LLC. and its new owners began cleaning up the well-known DevShare program. Thus, SourceForge is clean again and on that page we can find hundreds of opensource programs to download directly, no cheating, no cardboard, no intrusive advertising.

Tucows Downloads

tocows program downloads

Another alternative among the websites to download free programs is Tucows. The same thing happened to the previous one: its fame made it fill with junk software, banners everywhere and a thousand ways to trick the user to earn more money with their visits.

A few weeks ago they recognized their error and announced that that is over. In Tucows we found a website with design pretty simple (that is, they promote their domain purchase service, nothing unusual) andsoftware categories for the different systems operational as well as rankings.


Not all websites of this type have become corrupt over time, there are others that have remained faithful to their beginnings, as we read in HowToGeek. One of them is FossHub, A website that has been modernized over time but has never brought into play the user’s browsing and installation experience.

They say so themselves in their presentation: they hate junk software installers who ruin the reputation of the original programs themselves. On FossHub you will find lots of perfectly organized freeware and with clear download links, for different operating systems, with very complete descriptions and opinions of users who have already tried them. Fully recommended.


Ninite, perfect for updating new computers

Ninite It is a classic, but there are still users who do not know it and it is worth a lot, not very much.

ninite installer programs

Just go to Ninite and dial all the programs you want to install. Here there is not only open source software, there are the typical free programs that we all use, such as web browsers, free antivirus, messenger applications, utilities, players, office programs and much more.

By selecting all the ones you need, Ninite creates a single packagethat installs them at once on your computer, without having to go one by one or configure options. Everything is installed in the default locations and also skips the possible extra programs and typical toolbars that are sometimes offered.

These are just some examples, there are many more websites that make things easy for us when it comes to downloading free and / or free software, although unfortunately many others continue to resort to dubious practices that in the end end up damaging their reputation. Do you know others? leave them in the comments and I’m sure we all appreciate it!