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Web resources to help people with dyslexia

Web resources to help people with dyslexia

If you have suffered directly or indirectly with this problem, you will surely receive with open arms any advice that helps to reduce the obstacles generated by dyslexia, and in this list I intend to show some of the best known.

Typewriter for dyslexics

In the video you can see the presentation of this typeface, specially designed so that dyslexics can better differentiate the letters between which the problem is displayed (d, with p and q, for example). On the project website ( we have a resource that allows us to enter a text and create a pdf with this typeface, an action that can help create study documents for those who suffer from the problem and verify if it can work with each case. (The font costs more than $ 400, so it is important to verify this resource if it is really effective).

Publications and program lists

– Publication in Spanish, with resources and advice.

– Publication, in English, specialized in the subject, with resources, advice and experiences that can help you to live better with dyslexia.

– Software and gadgets related to the topic.

– List of programs, with several of them capable of recognizing the text and transforming it into voice

Text to speech converters

– a classic, compatible with several languages. – No registration required, just enter text and choose a language. – Text to Voice: Extension for Firefox to transform the web content into audio.– Pediaphon: Transform into audio files from wikipedia – Transforms text into audio and lets you choose the speed of the result. – The Google translation tool also displays the audio of the result.