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Web options to join PDF files into one


If you have multiple documents, or single pages, in PDF format, and you want to put them together in the same document to facilitate their distribution, you do not need to use any complex editor or install anything specific on your computer. Of the many PDF editors on the web, there are some that allow you to join these types of files, and here are some of the options:

– In its free version it allows to gather up to 10 documents, with the limit of 80 megabytes for the final size. This site also allows you to separate a specific document into pages, the reverse process, something that can be very useful to disclose a specific page of a book that we have in our possession. This last function (separate pages) can also be done with sites like

– Mergepdf: Allows you to join files with a limit of 30 megs each for those who do not identify themselves, 50 megs for those who identify themselves and do not pay, and 200 megs for Pro users. The limit imposed is lower than in the previous option, although the site contains more advertising.

– pdfJoin: Includes a Java applet to remove the file size limit. It is from the same company as the previously discussed SplitPDF.