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We want to know what's behind the app updates

We want to know what's behind the app updates

We want to know what's behind the app updates

A dangerous and annoying fashion is developing among app developers alike: updates where they don’t tell us what changes, what is included or what is arranged.

With the rise of applications, updates have become essential to make them work and improve, just as system updates are important to maintain a good operating system. And, as a healthy habit, developers they tell us when updating what improvements we will see when the update is complete, as a way to encourage us to update and as a way to inform us.

The big problem is that many developers, completely ignoring this spirit, put in all their updates an infamous equal description. It doesn’t matter if it’s the most important update in the history of the application, which includes new functions or a redesign, they will always put the same: bug fixes and performance improvements.

Bug fixes, the fine way to stay uninformed


If you look at the applications that are updated on your device, you will see that each has a list of what changes in the update, which is known as changelogs if we use English. That is the space where developers must say what changes in the update, that we will find ourselves changed, but many are completely going through with the excuse that they are always minor updates, as you can see in the screenshots. Or even some of them go completely beyond writing something in condition and place a generic text that has the value of asking us for 5 stars (?!).

Lance E. McDonald equates this fashion to tell users Go fuck yourself (Fuck off in the language of Cervantes) on Twitter, and he is right. Don’t get me wrong, if the update has no more changes than that then what are we going to do, but putting it one update after another is one very fine way to keep the user uninformed.

We want information about app updates

In iOS this practice penalizes the application because each analysis is linked to the version, but in Android this does not happen; developers take advantage of it to update the application and go up in the list of user applications. Combine both factors and we find ourselves with the perfect breeding ground to carry out updates in a crazy way, just for the publicity it implies on the user’s device.

We know that an article will not change this practice of blow and thump either, but if you are reading us and you are a developer, please keep it in mind: users like to be informedKeeping us in the dark is only going to make us angry – and a possible uninstall.