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We tried brandwatch, the monitoring platform for websites and social networks


There are many tools that help us monitor data on social networks, applications such as Pirendo, twazzup, hootsuite, trackur,, socialmention and a long etcetera (a few years ago we published a list of 100 of them, which still appears in the menu side of, and the number keeps increasing.) They are free, expensive, cheaper, more complete, simpler, in Spanish, in English … of all sizes and colors, and today we present you one of the most prestigious in this world, an extremely complete solution used by large brands around the world, although it is not exactly cheap.

Is about BrandWatch (, a platform that we have used for a few weeks to be able to tell what they offer.

As soon as we enter the system, and after choosing the project we are working with (generally related to the word or words we are monitoring), we find a control panel like the one you see here:

It is a page where we can include the components we want: graph of evolution of mentions, positive or negative comments about the brand, sources of information … it is the main page, fully customizable to show the reports that we use the most in our day. a da.In this case, answer the following query:

This query (query) can be customized up to unsuspected terms, since there are dozens of operators that we can use and group them with Boolean operations. Some related to geographic location, others with variations of words, others with mentions of specific authors … the possibilities are enormous.

When we add a component in one of the report pages we can select from word clouds to featured authors, being necessary to select the desired information and drag it to the place where we want to consult the data:

In the case of positive and negative mentions we can also use the moderation system, which will allow us to specify whether a specific mention speaks well or badly of a brand, since the automatic system may not correctly interpret the words found in the text.

In the upper menu we can access various sections that we can configure in various ways, showing, for example, the websites that have spoken about our brand, sorted by reputation, as well as determining which authors from the different media are the ones who speak the most about words that we have configured.

It is, of course, possible to monitor social networks and verify which users in them are the most influential, thus helping to better focus the Community Manager’s networking strategy.

If we go to the specific section of Twitter we can see which are the publications that have obtained the most noise in said network, as well as the labels, links and those responsible for said disclosure.

If we focus on Facebook we can compare our page with that of the competition, track the amount of comments we are having, check the evolution of the fans and various other statistics that we find in the Channels module.

As you can see, it is an extremely complete solution, with the option to request a demonstration for customers who request it from their website.