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We tested trackie, the new problem management system for programming projects

We tested trackie, the new problem management system for programming projects

Competing with classics like Mantis, Trackie offers an error management system (Issue tracker) that allows the monitoring of problems found in any project, allowing its configuration in a simple and intuitive way, both for those responsible for the project and for customers.

At the moment it is in closed beta phase, being necessary to request an invitation from its main page, something that we have achieved a few hours ago to show you what we can find there.

The first thing we have to do is create a project, with its title and those responsible for it, both clients and developers.

Once the project is created, we can define the states in which the tasks of the project can be found, being possible to delete and add as many records as we want, with a unique color code for each element.

We are now ready to start reporting problems, configuring the priority of each, the person in charge and the state, one of those previously registered.

The reports are very intuitive, quickly showing the status of each task and allowing comments to be added to each text, thus avoiding sending emails off the platform.

In the beta phase everything is free, the price of the different plans that will exist in the future not having been defined yet.

Although it is not as flexible as Mantis, an open source system that we can install on our server, with very extensive configuration files, it is much easier to use, so it will surely attract a large number of professionals in the coming months.