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We tested the universal VLC app for Windows 10, is it better than the desktop program?

We tested the universal VLC app for Windows 10, is it better than the desktop program?

We tested the universal VLC app for Windows 10, is it better than the desktop program?

We can already test the universal VLC app for Windows, but is it really worth replacing it with the normal desktop program?

The development of the universal VLC app for Windows has been long and complicated, but we can finally install it on our computers, tablets and smartphones.

As we told you at the time, the UWP platform that allows universal apps has its strengths compared to the win32 programs that most of us use, but it has not yet been able to fully demonstrate its value, and generally it is not achieving the popularity that Microsoft wants. .

As is the universal VLC app for Windows 10

Therefore, the launch of the universal VLC app is the perfect time to compare platforms and conclude whether UWP really has a future. Before analyzing the app, I want to clarify that in reality the version that we can download is 2.0 Beta, and therefore we may run into some problems to detail below.

Also, even if it is a universal app There are still devices that are not compatible, and the VLC team intends to create versions for Xbox One, Surface Hub and even Hololens, but those are not yet available because they are not stable enough yet. Finally, if you do not use Windows 10, you will be interested to know that the app will also be available in Windows 8.1 for desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

Now that we have removed that from the middle, how is the universal VLC app, is it worth it? It is a somewhat complicated question; input, eThis app is very different in terms of appearance, but basically it is the same multimedia player as always, so we can say that behind there is a well-proven code.

With this universal app you can play the same formats as with the desktop program, so there will be no file that resists you; But everything else is changed, starting with the first thing you see when you start the app, the content of your video folder.

From here you can directly open your videos. This way you don’t have to go searching between directories, although if you don’t normally use the Vdeos folder like I do, you just have to open the app settings and change to the directory you usually use. However, I have found that the app does not update our library when we delete a video, for example, although this is probably the fault of a bug.

The Video tab also allows us to see the videos organized by series, or those recorded with the camera if we are on the mobile.

The music tab works in a similar way, and we can listen to our songs, playlists and discs.

If we do not use the default folders in Windows, we can open the files on the Browse tab, which will also allow us to access files on the network. Or we can always use the context menu of the file explorer, or directly set VLC as the default app to open multimedia files, of course.

Finally, this app maintains the functionality of playing videos streaming over the Internet, so if we have found a server that is broadcasting something; However, YouTube videos did not work when I tried them, something the desktop program can reproduce.

Once in play, VLC behaves as expected, with a clearly oriented interface for touch devices but it works well on the desktop despite everything.

It even has exclusive functionality, the possibility of keep watching the video on a mini-screen while using the app.

If you fear that the universal VLC app would be too simple, you should know that a good amount of functionality has been preserved, accessible with the player configuration button, which allow us, among other things, to define a delay for the sound, for example.

We can also change subtitles and the sound track easily with this menu.

The music player, for its part, puts the title page of the disc as the main protagonist, with a background that blinks slowly showing the same image.

Universal app or desktop program which one should you use?

Unfortunately, it shows too much that the universal VLC app is in beta. In the short time that I have tried it I have suffered several problems, and even the app has even closed itself on a couple of occasions.

The performance is clearly inferior, and I have noticedpauses, sometimes very long, and graphic errors in the imagethat I have not noticed with the desktop program or with another player. Some subtitles have not been shown as they should either. By disabling hardware acceleration in the options I have been able to fix the pauses a bit, but still not quite fluent in high resolution videos.

We return to the question: which one should you use, the universal VLC app or the desktop program of a lifetime? My answer is that, for the moment, the desktop program is the most stable and comprehensive option. But once the universal app comes out of beta and fixes some of its problems, we may have to rethink the decision.

Download the universal VLC app for Windows