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We interviewed Jan Wedekind from Candy Crush Saga

candy crush

Jan Wedekind, one of those responsible for the King company, known internationally thanks to the addictive Candy Crush Saga, has been in Barcelona participating in Appcircus. He is the Business Performance Manager of the studio that created the game, which has reached 132 million players worldwide, and has been able to answer some of the questions that we have asked him from WWWhatsnew:

Where did the idea of ​​Candy Crush come from?

Like all King games, Candy Crush was born out of a very small group that developed a first prototype that everyone liked. Later the first version was developed for our website, and after becoming one of the most successful games on our page, we decided to develop the game in a complete Saga with many levels and variations of game mechanics for Facebook and later for mobile.

130 million players … is there a secret, some magic recipe that explains that addiction?

There are several factors that influence the great success of Candy Crush. It is a very simple game to learn with a basic mechanics that many people like and with a very attractive Candy theme; the game engages because it is an apparently simple puzzle with a big challenge; It can be played on Facebook, mobile and tablets whenever and wherever you want, and in short games of approximately 3 minutes. These and other factors have made Candy Crush a success. But we are the first to know that in order to become something that big, it has to have an X factor, a factor that is not programmable, that’s why it has become a phenomenon.

Recently, more than 400 new levels were launched… will you continue like this, keeping that rhythm, or are you thinking of any other model?

We will continue to add new levels and mechanics as long as people continue to want to play the game, for now and given the current size of Candy Crush Saga, we don’t expect to stop this pace anytime soon. We are continuously improving all our games, adding new features in addition to new levels. Soon there will be great surprises for the players.

How has Candy Crush affected the company? How to be King in 2014?

Candy Crush opens up many opportunities for us. But at the end of the day we continue with the same DNA: making new games that our players love. We are about to open a new development studio in Berlin, which will complete our great team of artists, developers and designers.

We will start 2014 with the same enthusiasm with which we finished 2013: playing, developing, striving to excel and keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

As you can see, behind big projects there is always a team with a lot of passion, a lot of work on their backs and a great X factor that few can explain. Birds attacking pigs, virtual farms, zombies fighting with plants, candy that explodes … you never know where the next reef is.