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We can now build our own mobile phone: with time, patience and Arduino GSM Shield


We read more and more amazing news every time, and one of the latest news we read in TheVerge proves it: David Mellis, one of the workers dedicated to developing the Arduino platform, has worked and published a method that allows us to create our own mobile phone, piece per piece and for an approximate price of 200 dollars.

Before going into detail on how we can do this, let’s briefly recall what Arduino is. It is a microcontroller that, integrated into electronic devices, expands its possibilities of use and facilitates its use and accessibility. Any of us can order an Arduino, either by ordering the complete kit already built or by ordering the parts and building it ourselves.

Building on these available tools and hardware parts, Mr. Mellis has specially used an Arduino GSM Shield to make this possible. An Arduino GSM Shield is a piece of hardware that connects our Arduino device to the Internet through networks wireless GPRS through a SIM card, and therefore allow us to receive and make calls and write text messages.

Leveraging the potential of this little machine, Mellis has turned the Arduino GSM Shield into a potential way to create your own phone, by expanding the hardware built into it and adding support for a display, keyboard, speaker, microphone, and an interface to display the information. All this added up is still a mobile phone in which we can perform basic functions such as looking at the time, writing, calling, editing the calendar and obviously personalizing the case.

In conclusion: we have published in the MIT Media Lab all the steps necessary to carry this out, with circuits and plans included to print the 3D model as well.