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Waze, already on Windows Phone, and with celebrities indicating the directions


During this week we have seen how Windows Phone won two classic applications among the mandatory of all mobile users: Instagram and Waze. Instagram is owned by Facebook, Waze is owned by Google, but still the version for Microsoft’s mobile operating system was taking much longer than desired by its users.

Mobile phones with Windows Phone are good, very good, with excellent cameras and good usability. They don’t have the flexibility of an Android, nor the power of Apple’s app ecosystem, but it does have other features that could improve your sales, as long as the required ones are not missing within the app store, a problem that is beginning to be solved.

But it is not the only novelty that Waze has brought us during these days, they have also announced that they will begin to offer the voice of famous people so that they are the ones who tell us the path that we have to follow while driving, an initiative both original and unexpected .

They comment on VentureBeat that Google has partnered with Universal Pictures to make actor Kevin Hart the first on the list to appear on the phones of its users. He is a comical actor, as you can see in the video below, so it is possible that there is more than one joke hidden among the right turns and he is approaching his destination.

By the way, Waze for Windows Phone can be installed from here.