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Waygo, understanding Chinese with the mobile camera


To some of you it will sound Waygo, an application for iOS that allows us until now to translate characters from Chinese to English simply by placing the camera in front of the characters in question.

Being very useful for situations in which we travel to Asian countries and want to understand the indications of the environment or simply when we go to a Chinese restaurant and want to know what it puts on the menu, we read in TNW that the new version of Waygo 3.0. It has been updated and now it brings us a very interesting new function: it will help us to read the Chinese characters reflecting the way they are pronounced on the screen, next to the English translation.

Taking advantage of the $ 900,000 the company received in a closed funding round last July, the new version also comes with a new design and cleaner interface, including an updated multiline translation so we can choose which area to symbols to translate and for more selective and detailed text interpretation.

Hopefully, the aforementioned funding round will also serve to see the app available beyond iOS and with support for more languages. We leave you here the link to Waygo in iTunes, an essential app for those who travel or want to travel to China that will allow us to carry out 10 translations a day for free but which will offer us unlimited translations for 6.99.