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Wallapop, buying and selling second-hand things from the mobile


With only one month to live, they already have 300,000 downloads, occupying the number 1 position in the lifestyle category of the app store and Google Play.

Is about Wallapop (, application for iPhone, iPad and Android that allows you to buy and sell second-hand objects. There is a wide catalog of fashion products, video games, electronics, motorcycles, cars, decoration … all created from the mobile, without a web version in which we can consult or upload the articles.

We present the application as a success that organizes the products and shows them ordered according to the proximity in which they are located, thus highlighting the articles of our neighbors, coworkers and other close people.

They tell us that we can also find small local businesses dedicated to selling artisan products, restaurants or antiques, so we are not just talking about second-hand commerce between individuals.

We just have to take a photo with the mobile to the product and publish it in the application, thus making it available in your directory.

In 2012 we already talked about something like this when we presented you the mobile versions of Mi Trastero, it seems that second-hand commerce is still on the rise, and the massive use of smartphones can help us find the right product at the right time and place.

You can get the applications at the following links: iTunes | Google play