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Wadja Media Ltd. interview for Wwwhatsnew

Wadja Media Ltd. interview for Wwwhatsnew

Lately Wadja Media has undergone big changes. The entire platform received improvements in order to improve the user experience and corporate environments.

I recently got in touch with Mara Papathomopoulou, Public Relations Manager at Wadja Media, to talk about the new face of this platform.

Why did Wadja decide to implement these improvements? What were the objectives?

MP: The Wadja Media team seeks to reinvent itself, we are no longer just an SMS message provider, now is a content management network with endless functions and more than 5 and a half million users worldwide.What makes Wadja special?

MP: What sets WADJA MEDIA apart from the rest of social media is the fact that it focuses on the connections between people and topics. The user finds and follows the things they are passionate about in life, and uses Wadja to maintain complete control over who accesses the information.

It sounds very interesting…

MP: And it is! Wadja Media has been awarded several times, including Best Social Network for Niches, Best Mobile Social Network at the Annual VC Forum, Excellence Awards from T3 and PC Magazine, Technology Excellence Awards, and many more. Wadja has a very attractive offer, both for users and for companies. Thanks to our innovative platform, users can organize all the information they receive from various other networks, and thus keep it orderly.The objective is to connect the user with the topics of their interest, and in this way, filter the noise of the Internet. Regarding companies, we have a unique, attractive and efficient offer to generate publicity. We also offer to implement, for each company, its own social network, adapted to the needs of the company. In general, a solution with the company label, which can be used to promote your products and services, and also to facilitate communication between different.

In other words, everyone can have their own social network: from the user to a multinational company? Is it as simple as it sounds?

MP: Exactly! This is already possible, and really easy to do. Wadja’s offering for the common user is that he can create and manage his own community. On the other hand, the corporate platform can be used by bloggers, media, companies, advertisers, public relations, in almost any environment you can imagine. Wadja offers all its partners the full benefits that all our users enjoy, facilitating interaction between colleagues, clients, suppliers, via web channels, email, SMS services, and interactive promotion tools, such as labels, badges and widgets. The old functionality of the text messaging provider has been preserved, but through a more entertaining system for the user, who gets points for using the page, which they can then use to send messages or buy other virtual goods.

What about companies? Do they seem interested? Do you see the benefits that a social network has to offer?

MP: At first, it was difficult. Companies do not see all the advantages they can get from a social network. Wadja offers them two-way communication in real time, and content management, with instant response (for example, about preferences and customer service), customer loyalty (training, creation and demand of content), advertising activities (launch of new products, offers), events (competitions, exhibitions), and monitoring and study of the market in real time (regarding current and future customers), among many other options.

From the beginning Wadja has shown that it can keep up with the world of technology and web development. We are committed to offering quality services based on an open platform.

And what is the next step?

MP: Our team is very excited! We are about to start a cooperation program with the media, which we hope will help companies better understand the meaning and value of having their own social network.