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VSCO Cam, excellent application to take photos from iPhone and Android


The photography category is one of the most popular in the world of mobile applications. Tools to apply filters and improve image characteristics, like Snapseed (bought by Google), those that play with focus, like BigLens, those that offer resources that seem to come out of an SLR, like Camera + … are dozens of good options, although few with the prestige of VSCO Cam (

Available for iPhone for free, and with a recently available android app, it sells extensions for well-known image editing programs, standing out for the quality of the filters offered, something that is increasingly requested in the tools used to capture and share photos. mobile.

They are not the famous Instagram filters nor those offered by the ubiquitous Aviary, they are filters that simulate the effect of the reel photos, altering colors and allowing you to easily modify brightness and contrasts, saving in your own directory all the images captured from the system.

There are no likes, or followed, or followers. It is not an Instagram competition, nor does it pretend to be (in fact, the results can be published to other photography applications), it is, surely, Snapseed’s greatest competition when it comes to improving images, with an audience that, knowing that a mobile phone is Far from being comparable to a professional photo machine, it is quite demanding when it comes to capturing the world.