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Votiro, online tool to analyze files and locate viruses and Trojans


If antivirus services and scans are sometimes a bit short to confirm that the files are 100% safe, we may want to use some other alternative and additional security measure to confirm that the files we work with are clean and free. of threats.

Votiro is an online solution that allows us to analyze suspicious files from the same website, and in case they are infected by any Trojan, worm, or virus, it gives us the opportunity to neutralize them instantly. The method of analysis could not be easier, and that is simply based on performing a drag-and-drop on the website (or a classic file upload) and clicking on sanitize. Votiro allow the upload of files up to 64MB and with the extensions .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .tif, .tiff, .gif, .wmf and .emf.

The Votiro company, founded in Tel-Aviv in 2009, was born as an expert company in file monitoring and security, especially dedicated to companies for which they offer automatic file sealing and antivirus systems. So, at a particular level, it offers us its Votiro in the cloud based on a quick and individual scan of suspicious files, which can be very useful when we have to send important files to several people or company partners.