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If we wanted to remind you of all the links in the file sharing resources that we have reviewed in Wwwhatsnew, they probably won’t fit us, or it will take a good compilation starting with basics like Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive. But the number of resources is drastically reduced if what we want is to share files anonymously or without a registered account, which allows us to do. is a tool that allows us to send files to third parties in real time and without the need to create a user account. The operation of Volafile is based on the creation of rooms, or what is the same, chat rooms that will allow users present in them to upload, download and share files with other members of the room.

We have two initial options as soon as we open the page: or create a virtual room ourselves by pressing the giant button create room or join another room using the option discover. Each chat room will include the files uploaded by users on the right, with the possibility of previewing or saving them directly using the option save link as.

Obviously the advantage of Volafile is that we will be able to access any room without the need for identification or permits, and at the same time its disadvantage is that anyone can sneak into our room. Even so, if you are interested, you can use it for free at the link we have provided.