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Vocational Guidance – an aid to choose what you want to study

Vocational Guidance - an aid to choose what you want to study

Vocational Orientation is an initiative presented by Peru Educa that offers orientation tests for more than 70 careers and vocational training cycles.

More or less a month before the course begins, many students who are finishing high school and going to start higher studies want to discover what their true vocation is.

But, how to know which is the career that is convenient for each one to choose and in which one can develop well at work?

On this website you will find information about the aptitudes, interests, personal characteristics and the occupational field of the different careers that exist in Peru, but that are common to many other countries.

You will also find a series of tests, useful to identify to what extent the vocational profile is available to study a particular career, in addition to other recommendations to make a good choice.

The best thing about the web is undoubtedly its tests, based on internationally recognized inventories such as the Register of Preferences of Kuder, the Self-directed investigation Holland or the Professional Interests Questionnaire of Vicua; and most interestingly, adapted to a wide variety of careers.