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Visually: New version of your market for infographics, presentations and creative works


At we have the possibility to browse hundreds of infographics on the most diverse topics, work done by thousands of designers who already work with this platform that has managed to grow impressively in the last two years.

In addition to offering infographics for public consultation, they have a market that allows brands to request creative works and receive proposals from professionals who work at Visually, with the possibility that any designer from any part of the world is part of this group.

Brands apply for jobs here, requesting both infographics and videos, presentations or interactive animations, with prices that vary depending on the complexity of what is requested, although it is never less than $ 1,000.

Now they announce a new design for the platform, making it easier to apply for jobs via the web and work by providing feedback on each design received.

They comment in the presentation that they have distributed more than 2 million dollars among the designers who work with them, with clients such as Nissan, Nike, Twitter, NBC, P&G, UNESCO, and a long etcetera, showing how this system can work for both small and huge customers around the world.

For designers it is still a good opportunity to work on large projects, although there is always the risk of working on a proposal and wasting time not seeing it approved.