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Vine dies and abandons his app, the Twitter crisis worsens

Vine dies and abandons his app, the Twitter crisis worsens

Vine dies and abandons his app, the Twitter crisis worsens

Vine’s closure has been announced today to the surprise of everyone.

Twitter is in serious trouble. I think this was already clear, but each new news that comes out worsens the atmosphere.

Today Vine has announced that its mobile application will be discontinued in the coming months; so we can officially call the service dead. There is no explanation for why this decision was made, but it is easy to imagine.

Vine’s closure is official

What will happen to our videos? Vine has promised that don’t erase the vines that we have created so far; Neither delete mobile apps nor close the web. Therefore, for the average user there is still not much difference from yesterday.

Thanks to this decision, hours and hours of videos they won’t be lost forever, at least not yet. The app will continue to work and there will probably be people who continue to use it. But not receiving new features, development will stop and we cannot expect improvements.

Just today Twitter announced better financial results than expected; but despite that, has laid off 9% of its workforce. Vine’s closure seems to confirm this direction: Twitter is taking loads off itself.

I came, a load for the current Twitter

Vine was a very popular short video service among some creators; users took the short duration of the videos as a challenge to create new content.

At the time Vine was discussed as the future of the company; Not surprisingly, everyone (including Facebook) believes that the video will be the default method of communication in a few years.

At the same time, with Vine it seems that Twitter was doing the competition to itself. Twitter also allows videos to be uploaded, without so many limitations or having to use another app; Twitter may consider Vine to have fulfilled its mission and focus on developing its video service.